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I noticed a great photo thumbnail layout on a friend’s blog recently, and asked him about it. He told me that he was using a cool WordPress photo plugin called PicasaView that easily pulls photos from Picasa into a WordPress blog. I’ve been playing around with different photo galleries lately as I try to resurrect this blog, and thought I’d give it a try since wordpress plugins are so easy to install.

So, I went into my wordpress control panel and added, activated, and setup the plugin in just a few minutes. Easy as pie.

I then went to a test page and added a Picasa photo album from a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona.
I added this code:
[picasaview album='Arizona-August 2011']
This works great, and looks just like this:
picasaView plugin: Could not load data from picasaweb. Maybe the user or specified album does not exist?
This was the generated url which failed at picasaweb: http://picasaweb.google.com/data/feed/api/user/adriancarr@gmail.com/album/ArizonaAugust2011?kind=photo&thumbsize=144u&start-index=2301
It returned the following data:
The Picasa API is deprecated. See https://developers.google.com/picasa-web/ for more details and the migration guide.

Now, I’m going to come back to it, but notice that that there is a space in my album name. That’s perfectly fine to both Google and to PicasaView, up to a point.
What I really wanted was a bunch of thumbnails like I had seen on my friend’s blog. So, I added the “instantView” option to my PicasaView tag so it looked like this:

[picasaview album='Arizona-August 2011' instantView='yes']
This is when things went downhill fast.
In addition to messing up the entire CSS for my site, including messing up the header and background, it also generated this:

PicasaView Error

PicasaView Error

The issue here took me some time to find. The problem is that I used the title of the album as I entered it. This is the part that doesn’t work, because I have a space in the album name. The fix is to go to the url for the album that Picasa generated, and use that instead in the album name. In this image, you can see the album name and the url that works:
picasa url

After I changed the PicasaViewer tag to look like this:
[picasaview album='ArizonaAugust2011' instantView='yes']
it generates thumbnails like this:

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Arizona-August 2011

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IMG_20110807_165753.jpg IMG_20110807_191845.jpg IMG_20110807_192236.jpg IMG_20110807_192252.jpg IMG_20110807_192539.jpg IMG_20110807_192732.jpg IMG_20110807_192925.jpg IMG_20110807_193328.jpg IMG_20110807_193725.jpg IMG_20110807_193753.jpg IMG_20110807_194759.jpg IMG_20110807_195731.jpg IMG_20110807_202617.jpg IMG_20110808_190529.jpg IMG_20110808_190543.jpg IMG_20110808_190734.jpg IMG_20110808_191049.jpg IMG_20110808_191057.jpg IMG_20110808_191124.jpg IMG_20110808_191133.jpg IMG_20110808_191532.jpg IMG_20110808_191830.jpg IMG_20110808_192116.jpg IMG_20110808_192309.jpg IMG_20110808_192313.jpg IMG_20110808_192324.jpg IMG_20110808_193447.jpg IMG_20110808_193632.jpg IMG_20110808_194343.jpg IMG_20110808_194422.jpg IMG_20110808_194434.jpg IMG_20110808_194502.jpg IMG_20110808_194518.jpg IMG_20110808_194644.jpg IMG_20110808_194713.jpg IMG_20110808_202034.jpg IMG_20110808_202148.jpg IMG_20110809_193248.jpg IMG_20110810_130848.jpg IMG_20110811_152115.jpg IMG_20110811_172524.jpg IMG_20110811_180403.jpg
Viewing images 1-42 of 42

That’s all there is to it. I hope this helps someone else.

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