Hi. I’m Adrian Carr, currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee, although I did keep a fortune cookie that says Your feet will step on the soil of many nations. I’m a software developer by trade, with a strong interest in startups, and lean/agile processes. From the start, my specialty has been bridging the gap between business ideas and implementing those ideas through technology and software.

If you are looking for the much more musically talented Adrian Carr who plays piano, you should go here.

If you are looking for the Adrian Carr who teaches about massage and healthy living, you should go here.

Despite receiving quite a few misplaced passionate emails about issues in Vancouver, BC Canada, I am also not Adriane Carr, the Councillor on Vancouver City Council, but she seems pretty cool.

If you’re looking for the ordinary Adrian Carr, that might be me, but there are others.
You can email me if you would like. My email address is my first and last name at gmail.com.

Adrian Carr

Adrian Carr

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